Miss MiE - Miss made in England is the new concept from Kirsten Avery.

Kirsten qualified as a footwear designer in 1995, since then she has been designing and developing shoes for brands worldwide. In the past 15 years she has seen a tremendous change in the footwear industry, having originally started out as a designer / pattern cutter in factories in and around Northamptonshire.

Kirsten spent time in London designing for many brands including Shellys shoes before settling up in Sheffield, where she worked for many famous brands in and around Manchester and developing with factories worldwide.

Ever searching for the next challenge and ways to improve and prgress, Kirsten decided to move back to Northamptonshire and create Miss MiE - Miss made in England, to discover the few surviving footwear suppliers and makers still existing in Northamptonshire and to join the 'made in England' few.

Miss made in England shoes are created as they were intended, crafted from the best materials available, made lovingly by hand and fundamentally made in England.